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The Big I Am
Abraham's Point
Abraham's Point

Production Credits

Craith/Hidden, Bilingual detective drama series
The Watcher in the Woods
Stori Fer Children's Fantasy Film
King Arthur-The Legend
Aberfan Tribunal, Drama Documentary, BBC, Iwan England
Y LLyfrgell. Ffilm Ffolyn, Euros Lyn.
Feature Film inspired by the novel.
Castle Builders. Greenbay Media, John Geraint.
History Documentary
Y Llys, Boom Pictures, Alison John.
Reality Series Set in Tudor Times.
Crow - a Supernatural Feature Film. by Wyndham Price. Spinning Head Films.
Video for the single Show me the Wonder filmed in Cymmer Pioneer Club, set in the 70's, featuring Craig Roberts (Skins).   Director -  Kieran Evans,  Costume Designer - Sarah-Jane Perez.
Promo Video for The Caveman from debut EP, Hipicat: A Tale Of ...
Reality series set on a country estate in the 1910s.
Contemporary feature film starring Michael Madsen,  Leo Gregory and Vincent Regan.
Contempory drama-documentary filmed in Aberystwyth.
Drama documentary series on the History of Wales narrated by Huw Edwards
Reality documentary series
Period feature film about boxer Howard Winstone starring Stuart Brennan & John Noble
Two reality series set in 1920s and 1940s.
Period Film about Richard Burton
Historic drama doc about mental institution
A one off comedy set in the 1980s in south Wales starring Ruth Jones & Paul Kaye.
Contemporary film starring Jason Hughes
Contemporary feature film starring Mackenzie Crook, Harriet Walter, Joseph Millson
Contemporary TV film starring Ivan Hugh Davydd, Sharon Morgan and Geraint Lewis.
Contemporary drama series 1 & 2
Drama series set in the 1870s.


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